quarta-feira, novembro 04, 2015

Dias interessantes

A partir dessa quarta-feira, 04 de novembro, vou publicar no Medium em episódios minha nova história em quadrinhos, Dias interessantes. Todas as quartas-feiras, um episódio novo.
O álbum impresso com a história completa (formato 21x28cm, 88 páginas, preto e branco, lombada quadrada, R$40,00) está disponível para compra no endereço diasinteressantes@gmail.com .

segunda-feira, novembro 02, 2015

An advice

I learned that the most dangerous heart is that which does not know what love entails but carelessly ensnares another.
I learned that the most dangerous heart is from one that claims to love you earnestly but without commitment; bolts with the wind when reality sets in and finds the object of affection less favourable than its ideals or set expectations.
I learned that the most dangerous heart is that which can change in a heartbeat and discard another ruthlessly - numb, with no care of how painful, traumatic and heartbreaking it would be.
I learned that words of love are so good to hear and it is prudent not to trust them. These can just be words without any meaning.
I learned that people you love most can be the ones to not mind turning your world upside down and leave you out hanging to dry.
I learned that love is a choice and a commitment to an imperfect person. It is complete acceptance of both light and darkness.
I learned that love is a journey of happy and wholehearted compromises. We can't always have all the qualities and conditions we look for but we can choose to learn and appreciate our differences; motivate each other for the better.
Believe in love but DO NOT LOVE RECKLESSLY.
- Charis Gaye Dagoc
Marina Abramovic, Rest Energy"